Ord Lab
Behaviour and Evolution
UNSW | Sydney, Australia

Chief Investigator
Dr Terry Ord

Postdoctoral Fellows


Baja California, Mexico

Postgraduate Students
Tom Summers
Claire Nelson

Sexual selection and the allometry of animal ornaments

Species recognition and other hidden functions of contest displays

Honour Students

Recent Visitors
Stefane Saruhashi
(visiting from University of Sao Paulo)
  Dr Joan Garcia-Porta
(Institut de Biologia Evolutiva)
  Dr Sophie Mowles
(University of Nottingham)
Methods of measuring
animal colour
  Evolutionary ecology
of geckos

Game theory and
mate choice

Dearly departed
Dr Georgina Cooke
(Postdoc 2011-2014)
  Courtney Morgan
(MPhil 2013)
  Richard Platt
(MPhil 2015)
  Jack Emblen
(Honours 2014)

of land fish
Natural and sexual selection
in land fish
Life history strategies
of land fish
Experimental test of island biogeography theory
Dr Mattias Hagman
(Postdoc 2012-2015)
  Danielle Klomp
(PhD 2016)

Evolutionary ecology
of reptiles
Signal evolution in
gliding lizards