Writing resources

This is a collection of helpful writing resources recommended by E&ERC members. It includes advice and resources from current and past members as well as some external links.

On scientific writing:

Dr Scott Keogh from ANU has an incredibly helpful website for students, and includes some advice for scientific writing.

Professor Angela Moles offers a handy guide to writing a solid introduction.

Associate Professor Shinichi Nakagawa recommends these tips for clear, high impact writing

Professor Angela Moles offers her advice on how to construct a meaningful, memorable discussion.

You can also get some tips from A/Prof Sue Buckley at UQ via the Buckley Ecology Lab's website in the discussion section

On employment:

Past E&ERC member Dr Julia Cooke offers a wealth of wonderful tips on being an ecologist and a writer on her website. You can find guidance on how to prepare for an interview and survive rejection.

On reviewing: 

The British Ecological Society has published a document that explains the process of Peer Review and offers some guidelines for best practice when reviewing papers.

On writing for a general audience:

Professor Rob Brooks offers his advice on how to captivate and inspire your audience. 

On grant applications:

E&ERC alumna Dr Rhiannon Dalrymple has created a site with everything you need to know about winning funds to support your research.

On general grammar and usage:

Grammar Girl offers a fantastic resource full of "quick and dirty tips" for English usage, as well as posts addressing common grammatical hang-ups.