Associate Professor Terry Ord
Field of Research: 
Behaviour and evolution
Contact details:
+61 2 9385 3264
Room 5106, Level 5 West
Biological Sciences South (E26)

UNSW, Kensington 2052



Research & Current Projects

I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in how phylogeny, natural selection and sexual selection contribute to the evolution of behavioural diversity. I combine large-scale phylogenetic comparative analysis across species and targeted experimental study within species to investigate macro- and microevolutionary processes shaping behaviour and other sexually-selected traits.

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Secrets of high liz-ibility



Dr Georgina Cooke
Australian Meuseum
+61 2 9320 6454

Dr Mattias Hagman
+61 2 9385 2213


Research Students


Danielle Klomp (PhD Candidate) Signal evolution in gliding lizards

Richard Platt (MPhil Candidate) Life history strategies of land fish


Courtney Morgans (MPhil) Natural and sexual selection in land fish



BIOS2011             Evolutionary & Physiological Ecology

BIOS3011             Animal Behaviour



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