Tempe Adams
PhD Alumni
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Investigating the uptake and performance of different crop raiding deterrents on African elephants in Northern Botswana.

The overall aim of the project is to determine the most appropriate crop raiding deterrent method for the farmer in their specific region. To be conducted in two cropping communities, one which suffers from low elephant crop raiding pressure compared to that which suffers from high elephant crop raiding pressure within the west of the panhandle in northern Botswana. Focus will also be placed on a comparisons of financial and social costs to indiviudal farmer's within their different regions.




Supervisor -

Dr Keith Leggett


Associate Professor Tracey Rogers

Dr Julian Fennessy (Namibia Nature Foundation)




While I was completeing a research internship in Northern Kenya I happened to have the privledged opportunity of filiming the birth of an elephant. It is incredibly rare to see such a thing as they generally give birth at night time however luck was on our side that day.