Stephanie Chen
PhD Candidate
Field of Research: 
Plant evolutionary genomics and conservation
Contact details:

Level 2 East
Biological Sciences South (E26)
UNSW Kensington 2052


Reference genomes for evolutionary genomics and conservation of Australian plants

I develop and optimise genomic resources for plants. Studying genomes can generate fundamental new knowledge of the organisation, evolution, functions and interactions of organisms, allowing us to understand and conserve biodiversity. My research focuses on landscape genomics of Myrtaceae species and the genetic basis of resistance to myrtle rust, which is of pressing concern to Australia’s native biodiversity. I am also assembling the New South Wales Waratah (Telopea speciosissima) reference genome which will accelerate our understanding of Waratah diversification and evolution.

Supervisor/s: Dr Richard Edwards and Dr Jason Bragg





Chen SH, Guja LK, and Schmidt-Lebuhn AN. (2019) Conservation implications of widespread polyploidy and apomixis: a case study in the genus Pomaderris (Rhamnaceae). Conservation Genetics. 20(4): 917-926.