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The utility of bioenergetics modelling in quantifying predation rates of marine apex predators: Ecological and fisheries implications. Scientific Reports 7(1)

Barnett A, Braccini M, Dudgeon CL, Payne NL, Abrantes KG, Sheaves M, Snelling EP 2017

A Generalized Estimating Equation Approach to Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 1-9 05 Mar 2017

Stoklosa J, Warton DI 2017

Multiple stressors in sediments impact adjacent hard substrate habitats and across biological domains. Science of The Total Environment, 592, pp 295–305

Lawes JC, Dafforn KA, Clark GF, Brown MV, Johnston EL 2017

Competition and facilitation structure plant communities under nurse tree canopies in extremely stressful environments. Ecology and Evolution 7(8):2747-2755

Al-Namazi AA, El-Bana MI, Bonser SP 2017

Systematics and host plant associations of the Australian lace bug genus Nethersia (Insecta: Heteroptera: Tingidae), including the description of eighteen new species. Insect Systematics and Evolution 48(1):1-95

Cassis G, Koenig P, Symonds C, Shofner R 2017

Contest competition and men's facial hair: Beards may not provide advantages in combat. Evolution and Human Behavior

Dixson BJW, Sherlock JM, Cornwell WK, Kasumovic MM 2017

Informing climate adaptation pathways in multi-use woodland landscapes using the values-rules-knowledge framework. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 241:39-53

Prober SM, Colloff MJ, Abel N, Crimp S, Doherty MD, Dunlop M, Eldridge DJ, Gorddard R, Lavorel S, Metcalfe DJ et al. 2017

Multitrait successional forest dynamics enable diverse competitive coexistence. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114(13):E2719-E2728

Falster DS, Brännström Å, Westoby M, Dieckmann U 2017

Zebrafish Regulatory T Cells Mediate Organ-Specific Regenerative Programs. Developmental Cell 43(6):659-672.e5

Hui SP, Sheng DZ, Sugimoto K, Gonzalez-Rajal A, Nakagawa S, Hesselson D, Kikuchi K 2017

rptR: repeatability estimation and variance decomposition by generalized linear mixed-effects models. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 8(11):1639-1644

Stoffel MA, Nakagawa S, Schielzeth H 2017