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Is there a latitudinal gradient in the proportion of species with spinescence? Journal of Plant Ecology rtw031

Tindall ML, Thomson FJ, Laffan SW, Moles AT 2016

Costs of Rearing the Wrong Sex: Cross-Fostering to Manipulate Offspring Sex in Tammar Wallabies. PLoS ONE 11(2)

Schwanz LE, Robert KA 2016

Big data opportunities and challenges for assessing multiple stressors across scales in aquatic ecosystems. Marine and Freshwater Research 67(4):393-413

Dafforn KA, Johnston EL, Ferguson A, Humphrey CL, Monk W, Nichols SJ, Simpson SL, Tulbure MG, Baird DJ 2016

Making up for lost time: Biophysical constraints on the temporal abundance of two fiddler crabs in wet-dry tropical mangroves. Austral Ecology

Nobbs M, Blamires SJ 2016

A molecular phylogeny of marine amphipods in the herbivorous family Ampithoidae. Zoologica Scripta 

Sotka EE, Bell T, Hughes LE, Lowry JK, Poore AGB 2016

Extraordinary conservation of entire chromosomes in insects over long evolutionary periods. Evolution 70(1):229-234

Sved JA, Chen Y, Shearman D, Frommer M, Gilchrist AS, Sherwin WB 2016

Winter territory prospecting is associated with life-history stage but not activity in a passerine. Journal of Avian Biology.

Sánchez-Tójar, A., I. Winney, A. Girndt, M. J. P. Simons, S. Nakagawa, T. Burke and J. Schroeder 2016

Species pools, community completeness and invasion: disentangling diversity effects on the establishment of native and alien species. Ecology Letters 19(12): 1496-1505

Bennett, J. A., K. Riibak, E. Kook, Ü. Reier, R. Tamme, C. Guillermo Bueno, M. Pärtel and K. Suding 2016

Drought resistance across California ecosystems: Evaluating changes in carbon dynamics using satellite imagery. Ecosphere 7(11).

Malone, S. L., M. G. Tulbure, A. J. Pérez-Luque, T. J. Assal, L. L. Bremer, D. P. Drucker, V. Hillis, S. Varela and M. L. Goulden 2016

Extending Joint Models in Community Ecology: A Response to Beissinger et al. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 31(10):737-738 01 Oct 2016

Warton DI, Blanchet FG, O'Hara R, Ovaskainen O, Taskinen S, Walker SC, Hui FKC 2016