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Effects of ocean warming and lowered pH on algal growth and palatability to a grazing gastropod. Marine Biology 163(5):01

Poore AGB, Graham SE, Byrne M, Dworjanyn SA 2016

Comparative idiosyncrasies in life extension by reduced mTOR signalling and its distinctiveness from dietary restriction. Aging Cell 15(4):737-743

Garratt M, Nakagawa S, Simons MJP 2016

Metabolic rates, and not hormone levels, are a likely mediator of between-individual differences in behaviour: A meta-analysis. Functional Ecology.

Holtmann, B., M. Lagisz and S. Nakagawa 2016

Corrigendum: Australian sea-floor survey data, with images and expert annotations. Sci Data 3: 160113

Bewley, M., A. Friedman, R. Ferrari, N. Hill, R. Hovey, N. Barrett, E. M. Marzinelli, O. Pizarro, W. Figueira, L. Meyer, R. Babcock, L. Bellchambers, M. Byrne and S. B. Williams 2016

Revision and phylogeny of the fern-inhabiting genus felisacus distant (Insecta: Heteroptera: Miridae: Bryocorinae). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2016-June(403): 1-168.

Namyatova, A. A. and G. Cassis 2016
Influence of prior contest experience and level of escalation on contest outcome. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 1-9
Kar F, Whiting MJ, Noble DWA 2016

The ecological impacts of marine debris: Unraveling the demonstrated evidence from what is perceived. Ecology 97(2):302-312

Rochman CM, Browne MA, Underwood AJ, Van Franeker JA, Thompson RC, Amaral-Zettler LA 2016

Evidence of a developing Polynya off Commonwealth Bay, East Antarctica, triggered by grounding of iceberg. The Cryosphere Discussions

Fogwill C, van Sebille E, Cougnon EA, Turney CSM, Rintoul SR, Clark GF, Marzinelli E, Rainsley EB, Carter L 2016

Use of near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy to quantify diet mixing in a generalist marine herbivore. Marine Biology 163(4):01

Bain KF, Poore AGB 2016

 Sex differences in DNA methylation and expression in zebrafish brain: A test of an extended 'male sex drive' hypothesis. Gene 17 Mar 2016

Chatterjee A, Lagisz M, Rodger EJ, Zhen L, Stockwell PA, Duncan EJ, Horsfield JA, Jeyakani J, Mathavan S, Ozaki Y, Nakagawa S 2016