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Fluctuating sexual selection and the evolution of a courtship strategy. Behavioral Ecology 27(3):886-894 01

Han CS, Brooks RC, Jablonski PG 2016

The Christmas tree project: Comparing the effects of five treatments on the health of cut Christmas trees (Pinus radiata, Pinaceae). Australian Journal of Botany 64(1):15-19

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Monitoring boat-based recreational fishing effort at a nearshore artificial reef with a shore-based camera. Fisheries Research 181:84-92

Keller K, Steffe AS, Lowry M, Murphy JJ, Suthers IM 2016

Habitat-related specialization of lateral-line system morphology in a habitat-generalist and a habitat-specialist New Zealand eleotrid. J Fish Biol 88(4):1631-1641

Vanderpham JP, Nakagawa S, Senior AM, Closs GP 2016

Phylogeny and systematics of the subfamily Bryocorinae based on morphology with emphasis on the tribe Dicyphini sensu Schuh. Systematic Entomology 41(1):3-40

Namyatova AA, Konstantinov FV, Cassis G 2016

Microsite differentiation drives the abundance of soil ammonia oxidizing bacteria along aridity gradients. Frontiers in Microbiology 7(APR)

Delgado-Baquerizo M, Maestre FT, Eldridge DJ, Singh BK 2016

Repeated evolution of amphibious behavior in fish and its implications for the colonization of novel environments. Evolution 70(8):1747-1759

Ord TJ, Cooke GM 2016

Accounting for contamination and outliers in covariates for open population capture-recapture models. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 176:52-63

Stoklosa J, Hwang WH, Yip PSF, Huggins RM 2016

House sparrows. Current Biology. 26: R1171-1173

Nakagawa, S., & Pick, J. L 2016

Evidence of a developing Polynya off Commonwealth Bay, East Antarctica, triggered by grounding of iceberg. The Cryosphere Discussions.

Fogwill, C., E. van Sebille, E. A. Cougnon, C. S. M. Turney, S. R. Rintoul, G. F. Clark, E. Marzinelli, E. B. Rainsley and L. Carter 2016