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Clarity of objectives and working principles enhances the success of biomimetic programs. Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 12(5):11

Wolff JO, Wells D, Reid CR, Blamires SJ 2017

Allometry in the terminal velocity - Dispersal architecture relationship explains variation in dispersal and offspring provisioning strategies in wind dispersed Asteraceae species. Australian Journal of Botany 65(2):149-156

Tabassum S, Bonser SP 2017

Phylogenetic reclassification and genitalic morphology of the small water strider genus Nesidovelia Andersen & Weir and allied Microveliinae (Hemiptera:Veliidae). Austral Entomology 01 Jan 2017

Cassis G, Hodgins M, Weir TA, Tatarnic NJ 2017

Anew metric to assess the predictive accuracy of multinomial land cover models. Journal of Biogeography 44(6):1212-1224

Douma JC, Cornwell WK, van Bodegom PM 2017

Termite effects on soils and plants are generally consistent along a gradient in livestock grazing. Arid Land Research and Management 31(2):159-168

Fallah M, Farzam M, Hosseini V, Moravej G, Eldridge DJ 2017

Why speak? Journal of Science Communication 16(1)

Johnston EL 2017

Life-span Extension With Reduced Somatotrophic Signaling: Moderation of Aging Effect by Signal Type, Sex, and Experimental Cohort. The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences 72(12):1620-1626

Garratt M, Nakagawa S, Simons MJP 2017

Dominance and social information use in a lizard. Animal Cognition 20(5):805-812

Kar F, Whiting MJ, Noble DWA 2017

Using environmental drivers to model blue whale acoustic detection variability. 12th International Mammalogical Congress, Perth, Australia

Truong G, Rogers TL 2017

Effects of invasion history on physiological responses to immune system activation in invasive Australian cane toads. PeerJ 2017(10)

Selechnik D, West AJ, Brown GP, Fanson KV, Addison BA, Rollins LA, Shine R 2017