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Multiple stressors in sediments impact adjacent hard substrate habitats and across biological domains. Science of The Total Environment, 592, pp 295–305

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Revisiting the Cost of Carnivory in Mammals. Journal of Evolutionary Biology

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Association of Amine-Receptor DNA Sequence Variants with Associative Learning in the Honeybee. Behavior Genetics 46(2):242-251

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Condition and reproductive investment in the western mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis): little evidence for condition-dependent sex-biased investment. Biological Journal of Linnean Society. 119: 430-435

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Calibrating the time span of longitudinal biomarkers in vertebrate tissues when fine-scale growth records are unavailable. Ecosphere 7(12).

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Seminal Fluid and Mate Choice: New Predictions. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 31(4):253-255

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