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17 October 2018

A database of larval fish collected over the last three decades and analysed by UNSW researchers will help scientists assess the effects of climate change on the health of Australian fisheries.

20 September 2018

Highly saline flows from the Sydney Desalination Plant will not affect surrounding marine life as commonly believed, a major new study led by UNSW Sydney shows. ...

20 September 2018

A music video raising awareness about plastic pollution demonstrates that effective science communication comes in many forms. 

29 August 2018

It’s almost a year since Australia had a named science minister in Cabinet.

27 August 2018

A new UNSW study has revealed the science behind sexy selfies, showing that women tend to sexualise themselves in environments with greater economic inequality, rather than where they might be...

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3 August 2018

Three research students studying crayweed on Sydney’s coastline, the effects of diet on sperm and semen traits, and the objectification of women, have each won $3000 prizes in the 2018 UNSW...

1 August 2018

A talk by Australia’s quantum computing pioneer, tours of electronic waste microfactories, a workshop about seaweed restoration along Sydney’s coastline and debate about the challenges of our...