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19 February 2019

A species of beach daisy from South Africa has undergone substantial and unexpected changes since arriving in Australia in the 1930s, a new study led by UNSW researchers has uncovered.

6 December 2018

Professor Emma Johnston, Dean of Science at UNSW Sydney, has won the prestigious Royal Society of NSW 2018 Clarke Medal, for her novel research on the impact...

29 November 2018

Nineteen researchers from UNSW Sydney and its affiliates have been included in the 2018 list of Highly Cited Researchers.

21 November 2018

A study by scientists at UNSW Sydney, Macquarie University, data61 and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute has shown why some tropical tree species die and others survive, revealing new...

14 November 2018

For decades, evolutionary biologists have pointed to the house sparrow as a textbook example of the status signalling hypothesis at work.

14 November 2018

An analysis of dolphin genes has revealed information about their past migrations, showing just how crucial migrants might be for other populations.

14 November 2018

University students, staff and researchers have found a possible solution to protecting the heritage listed fig trees on the campus.

2 November 2018

UNSW’s new Women in Maths & Science Champions Program supports female research students and early-career scientists in becoming science communicators and lifelong advocates for women in maths...

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1 November 2018

Are you passionate about engaging the public or your fellow classmates in science? Have you been active in advancing science education and communication?

19 October 2018

Scientists are asking local communities to help restore endangered Posidonia seagrass meadows by collecting shoots that naturally become detached after large storms.