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3 March 2017


Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the 2016 Research Excellence Awards


14 February 2017

The discovery of extremely high levels of pollution at the bottom of two of the Earth’s deepest oceanic trenches highlights the far-reaching impact of human activities, says UNSW marine...

14 February 2017

Unprecedented "marches for science" through major cities across the globe in April will bring leading scientists, including Nobel Laureates, together around  a political, and a more...

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2 February 2017

Spider silk is stronger than steel and Kevlar. Tapping into its secrets could herald a revolution in manufacturing, writes Sean Blamires.

21 December 2016

Songs of marine animals can help us discover new populations, write Joy Tripovich and Tracey Rogers.

21 December 2016

Size doesn't always matter when it comes to the pitch of your voice, especially if you're an aquatic mammal, write Kobe Martin and Tracey Rogers.

28 November 2016

Light pollution is changing the day-night cycle of some fish, dramatically affecting their feeding behaviour, according to ...

22 November 2016

Award-winning research leader, scientist and communicator Emma Johnston has been appointed Dean of Science.