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10 December 2020

Australia's oldest learned society recognises UNSW Sydney researchers with prestigious awards for 2020.

3 December 2020

Dr Steph Gardner is one of 60 academics invited by Science & Technology Australia to be mentored as a role model for women in STEM.

27 October 2020

A global team of biologists has used squid treats to track predator activity underwater, discovering temperature changes communities more than appetites.

2 September 2020

The scale of people’s marine intrusion is comparable to that on land, a team of researchers has found.

2 September 2020

Dingoes, meet your long-lost cousins: New Guinea singing dogs and Highland wild dogs.

26 August 2020

How do we put climate change back on the agenda during a pandemic? Scientists and science communicators helped answer this question during National Science Week.

20 August 2020

UNSW researchers have found their previous discovery of bacteria living on air in Antarctica is likely a process that occurs globally, further supporting the potential existence of...

13 August 2020

As modern medicine improves, so too does our ability to stave off disease. But can we overcome the most inescapable of afflictions - old age?

4 August 2020

The average size of a dingo is increasing, but only in areas where poison-baits are used, a collaborative study led by UNSW Sydney shows. 

31 July 2020

UNSW researchers have linked the burden of humpback whales’ annual migration to depleted microbial diversity in their airways – an indicator of overall health.