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23 October 2019

UNSW Sydney’s Dean of Science, Professor Emma Johnston, has been elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering.

15 October 2019
Associate Professor Adriana Vergés is recognised for her creative and persuasive leadership in the public interest.
23 September 2019

UNSW researchers show gliding animals are an evolutionary surprise because their innovation did not lead to a proliferation of new adaptive forms.

5 September 2019

How should we be building along the global coast? A framework by UNSW scientists delivers some much-needed answers.

25 June 2019

Where did life originate? How did the galaxies evolve? How is climate changing? What’s the role of science in our politics? Why should we study STEM?

24 May 2019

UNSW scientists have added to the growing body of research into genetic markers that are important for animal conservation.

26 March 2019
Games that make science accessible for students are accelerating learning. The UNSW Sydney initiative is spreading around the world.
4 March 2019

World Wildlife Day on March 3 in the United Nations calendar is a global annual event that raises awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants.

28 February 2019

Two UNSW academics have been honoured by Australian Academy of Science for their research on the impact of ocean currents on the global climate and how forests evolve and vary across Australia.

27 February 2019

Since colonisation, a dizzying array of Australia’s native species and ecosystems have been altered or removed altogether.