Dr Merel Dalebout
Visiting Senior Lecturer
Contact details:
+61 2 9385 8294

Room 503, D26 Building
UNSW, Kensington 2052


Research & Current Projects

  • Use of molecular markers to infer current and historical population dynamics
  • Speciation and its causal processes
  • Molecular systematics of cetaceans
  • Molecular monitoring of trade in endangered species
  • Utility of molecular data for conservation biology and management

The family Ziphiidae (beaked whales) are one of the least known of all vertebrate groups. Small to medium-sized cetaceans, 3.5 - 12 m in length, beaked whales are found in deep, pelagic waters of all ocean basins except the highest latitudes of the Arctic. With their incredible diving capacity (some species make regular dives of over an hour down to 1400 m or more), relatively low abundance, and elusive behaviour, these squid-eating whales are generally very difficult to study at sea. Most of what is known has come from the remains of dead stranded specimens. This large family consists of 21 species scattered over 6 genera. The vast majority of these species belong to the genus Mesoplodon (n = 14 and counting). All the other genera are monotypic or consist of antitropical north-south species pairs.

There is comparatively little differentiation in external morphology among Mesoplodon species, with the exception of the large tusk-like teeth of the adult males. (Females and juveniles are effectively toothless - the single pair of teeth do not develop and remain hidden in the gum). These tusks are not used for feeding. Instead, the males use them as weapons in intra-specific combat with other males. This has never been observed but has been inferred from the deep tooth-rake scars typically observed on the backs of adult male beaked whales.


We are using nuclear introns and mitochondrial DNA sequences to investigate the roles of species identification and sexual selection in the evolution and diversification of this unique genus of whales.


See also http://www.beakedwhaleresource.com


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