Dr Kylie Cairns
Research Fellow
Contact details:
Level 5 East
Biological Sciences South (E26)

UNSW, Kensington 2052


I am interested in using genetics and genomics to investigate patterns of diversity, adaption, evolutionary history and demography. My main research interests include population genetics, conservation genetics, hybridisation and biogeography.


Conservation implications for dingoes from the maternal and paternal genome: Multiple populations, dog introgression, and demography. Ecology and Evolution, 2017; 1-27 doi: 10.1002/ece3.3487

Managing dingoes on Fraser Island: culling, conflict, and an alternative. Pacific Conservation Biology, 2016, 23, 1–11

New insights on the history of canids in Oceania based on mitochondrial and nuclear data. Genetica:1-13, 2016 doi:10.1007/s10709-016-9924-z

Diet adaptation in dog reflects spread of prehistoric agriculture. Heredity, 2016 doi:10.1038/hdy.2016.48

Evidence of recent population expansion in the field cricket Teleogryllus commodus. Aust J Zool 58:33-38, 2010 doi:10.1071/ZO09118

The identification of dingoes in a background of hybrids. In: Urbano KV (ed) Advances in genetics research. Nova Science Publishers, New York, pp 309–327, 2011


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