Krystle Keller
PhD Alumni
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The tropic ecosystem of a purpose-built, offshore artificial reef: do coastal currents supply sufficient nutrients for the production of fish?

Offshore Artificial Reefs (OARs) have been deployed off the coast of Australia to enhance recreational fishing, but it is unknown whether they function as fish attractors or fish producers. These purpose-built reefs are designed for permitting water flow to provide a source of nutrient and plankton for nurturing marine ecosystems. The residence time of fish around the reef is needed to determine the proportion of fish biomass produced on the reef. For this project, I will be comparing the reef fidelity of recreationally important fish around an OAR deployed off south head, Sydney, with adjacent natural reefs and with Fish Attraction Devices (FADs). This will be undertaken by acoustically tagging a number of target reef species such as yellowfin bream (Acanthopagrus australis), red snapper (Pagrus australis), sand whiting, (Sillago ciliata) or flathead (Platycephalus spp.), in conjunction with a national network of acoustic receivers.

Supervisor - Professor Iain Suthers

Co-Supervisor - Michael Lowry (NSW Fisheries)



Keller, K & Brown, C. (2008). Behaviour of the Introduced Plague Minnow, Gambusia holbrooki and the Vulnerable Native Australian Rainbowfish, Rhadinocentrus ornatus, Under Experimental Conditions. Journal of Fish Biology 73 : 1714-1729

Keller, K. & Brown, C. (2008). A New Sighting of the Oxylean Pygmy Perch. Fishes of Sahul 22(1) 400-404