Dr Jakub Stoklosa
Research Associate
Field of Research: 
Aplliced statistics, Ecological applications
Contact details:
9385 7029

School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW 2052
The Red Centre
Room 2050


I completed my PhD at the University of Melbourne working Prof. Richard Huggins on new statistical methods for capture-recapture data. In particular, I studied abundance estimation for Little Penguins and Mountain Pygmy Possums.

I then did a post-doc at UNSW with David Warton for a couple of years, mainly looking at new model selection methods and species distribution models.

I'm now currently on a temporary lecturing position at School of Mathematics and Statistics, UNSW. My current interests are looking at measurement error models, capture-recapture models using sparse data/ or partially observed information, forecasting with times series data (with a particular application in deforestation) and trying to get my head around some population genetics for rare/endangered species.