Fatih Fazlioglu
PhD Alumni
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Comparison of Ecological Specialist Plants by Means of Phenotypic Plasticity and Reproduction Strategies along an Altitudinal Gradient

Three main significant topics will be in centre of this research which are important aspects of plasticity and reproduction strategies in plants:

Topic 1) Phenotypic plasticity of specialist species and testing of specialization hypothesis.

Q.1.1. To what degree, specialist species use phenotypic plasticity and / or local adaptation to adapt their environments?

Q.1.2. Do specialist species have adaptive plasticity? Is Jack of all trades, Master of None?

Topic 2) Phenotypic plasticity in clonal and sexual plants.

Q.2.1. Which strategy (Sexual reproduction or Clonality) is associated with more plasticity? Is there a trade off between reproduction types and plasticity?

Q.2.2. Are sexual plants more plastic than clonal plants?

Topic 3) Reproduction strategies of specialist species.

Q.3.1. Is there a relationship between ecological breadth and reproduction strategies?

Q.3.2. Do specialists usually prefer clonal reproduction?


Supervisor -

Associate Professor Stephen Bonser

Co-Supervisor -

Professor Angela Moles


From field:

To greenhouse:

A common garden experiment:A test of the Specialization hypothesis using plant populations on an altitudinal gradient



M.Phil Thesis: A Phenetics Study for Infrageneric Grouping of Limonium Mill. Genus (Plumbaginaceae) In Turkey. Middle East Technical University, 2011