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A responsible stocking program for eastern king prawns (Penaeus plebejus)

Eastern king prawns are a valuable species of the commercial fisheries in NSW ($35 M) and also form a significant recreational fishery throughout the east coast of Australia. With over-exploitation, habitat loss and recruitment variability in this species, the recreational fishing community are investigating estuarine stock enhancement in southern NSW (Wallagoot Lake, 2007-2009) and in eastern Victoria (Lake Tyers 2012-2013). Stock enhancement of penaeid prawns has had varied success internationally, with poor success rates often attributed to a failure to account for habitat requirements and carrying capacity. The impact of stock enhancement on Lake Tyers will be investigated through a trophic study on the seagrass community found within the lake. Assessment of the stock enhancement will be investigated through monitoring the recreational fishery as well as an independent fishery survey. At the end of this study, all components shall be combined together to produce a stocking model for other key sites of stocking in Victoria.

Supervisor - Professor Iain Suthers

Co-Supervisor - Dr Matthew Taylor

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