Caitlin Young (Kesby)
Masters of Science Alumni
Field of Research: 
Prawn Ecology
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Caitlin young

Overcoming obstacles to improved assessment and management of greentail prawns (Metapenaeus bennettae) in NSW

The aim of this research is to address the lack of information on the reproductive biology with the purpose of better understanding size at maturity and spawning times. We plan to use these findings to assess the appropriateness of current management regulations (i.e. minimum mesh size commercial fishing seasons/times) and potentially recommend changes to ensure that prawns are harvested at a size and time that maximises the sustainability of the fishery. In the short term these data will provide immediate improvements to the assessment of their status, which is currently undefined, and assist in designing appropriate data-collection programs for future studies and on-going assessments of greentail prawns in NSW.


Professor Iain Suthers


Dr Charles Gray (NSW Department of Primary Industries - Fisheries)

Dr Faith Ochwada-Doyle (NSW Department of Primary Industries - Fisheries)



Young, C.L., Rotherham, D., Johnson, D.D., Gray C.A. (2013). Small-scale variation in reproduction and abundance of greentail prawn, Metapenaeus bennettae Racek and Dall 1965. Journal of Crustacean Biology 33(5): 651-659

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