Ali Namazi
PhD Alumni
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Interactions of Acacia tortilis with their understory plants in arid environment

Acacia spp. especially Acacia tortilis trees are of the most popular trees in the arid and semi-arid plants. Several studies found that acacia trees contribute to increase understory plants that grow under their canopies. This because they contribute to increase soil moisture by hydraulic lift (HL), and by their shade that reduce evaporation of water from soil; In addition to they maintain mycorrhizae. The hypothesis of this study is that there is a positive interaction between A. tortilis trees and the understory plants that grow under their canopies; and this interaction is greater than that occurs between other plants and their understory herbaceous, and even greater than other acacia species in the same environment such as A. ehrenbergiana and A. etbaica and/ or A. asak.  This study will focus on the interaction between A. tortilis and their understory herbaceous, and will compare these interactions and other Acacia species and with other plants in the same environment.


Supervisor – Dr Stephen Bonser

Co-Supervisor – Associate Professor Angela Moles



A. A. AL-Namazi, A. M. Assaeed and H. M. AL-Hazimi. 2008 Secondary Metabolites in Four Different Populations of Capparis deciduas.  Journal of Saudi Chemical Society.12 (4)585-608.

Participation in book:  trees and shrubs of Landscapes in the city of Abha. 2007. King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology. Riyadh.